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Statistics Show

Kenya recorded 237 job-related accidents in a four-year-period, with 32 fatalities reported in the capital Nairobi alone, according to 2017 data from the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).


In the same period, about 115 men aged 21 to 40 were seriously injured, some of them sustaining lifetime disabilities. More than 70 percent of those injured or killed and deaths in accidents at construction sites in Nairobi were aged below 40 years. 

National census for occupational fatality
Kenya 2017


Other Regions


205 Fatalities

32 Fatalities

Injuries and deaths in construction sites below the age of 40

Injuries and deaths in construction sites above the age of 40

Statistic for 115 men aged between the ages of 21 and 40

Business Growth

We Care

We understand that poor contractor management can lead to injuries, poor health, additional costs and delays, and even loss of life.


OptiSafe will ensure contractors and organisations are covered when it comes to workplace procedures, rules and regulations, thus shielding them from risks and hazards.

Embarking on a project with either single or multiple contractors on site creates enormous health and safety responsibilities to them, as well as anyone else that could be affected by their activities.


Our Project Safety Management process is a powerful, effective solution for companies that are committed to creating and maintaining safe,



Risk Assessment

We employ a systematic process of risk and vulnerability evaluation, and tailor our solutions to each particular need.


Safety policy & Implementation

We work with you to draw up a Safety Policy tailored to your business and Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) for your project. We go beyond mere compliance to provide oversight for every facet of safety management on your job sites. We work with you to develop a culture of safety, educating everyone about the importance of rules, monitoring performance, and continuously improving all activities.


Oversight & Supervision

We also provide you with all the support you need in form of oversight or supervision to ensure compliance to the preset standards. Rest assured that we will provide you with project managers and project supervisors with an appropriate level of certification and know how to properly manage all the risks associated with their projects.

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